buddyzm2Buddhism is a set of teachings on the nature of mind which come from historical Buddha Shakyamuni who lived and taught over 2550 years ago in Northern India. The goal of Buddhist practice is reaching the state of complete awakening of mind's potential – Enlightenment. Everyone can reach this state. For this reason Buddhism is called the religion of experience. There are many traditions, schools and styles of practice in Buddhism. The Diamond Way of the Karma Kagyu lineage is the most inspiring model of Buddhist teachings, ideal for independent and joyful people.

Cause and effect – Karma

Karma means cause and effect. It has nothing to do with predestination or fate. Understanding that we are all responsible for our lives enables us to consciously accumulate positive impressions which result in happiness, and avoid those which bring future suffering. 



Liberation and Enlightenment

Total freedom from all the emotional states through which we perceive the world is called liberation. It is a state in which we realize that no real "I" actually exists. This insight has an increasing impact on our approach to life in general, we notice that everything that happens to us or to others is not personal, so we no longer feel like a target at which the whole world is aiming. 




The historical Buddha Shakyamuni was born around 560 B.C.E. to a royal family in Northern India. From early childhood he was surrounded by wealth and beauty, and enjoyed a sophisticated education. 



The Diamond Way

Buddha gave his teachings in accordance with his students' abilities – as a result many traditions, schools and styles of practice appeared. Diamond Way is the most inspiring level of teachings. Their goal is to exploit the potential of every single life situation.



Diamond Way meditations

Buddhist mediation is a precise tool of working with the mind. Its goal is to free one's mind from all weaknesses and limitations and to fully develop all its perfect qualities, especially fearless wisdom, spontaneous joy and active compassion. 



The Karma Kagyu lineage

The Karma Kagyu lineage is one of the four main school of Tibetan Buddhism. Every single transmission, method, meditation or teaching in this lineage comes directly from Buddha. After his death the highest teachings were passed by realized masters, such as Tilopa, Naropa and Maitripa. 



Buddhism in the West

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century t Westerners’ interest in Buddhism has been growing rapidly. After the World War 2 people got more interested in the Buddhist methods of working with the mind. 



Buddhism in Poland

The first Diamond Way Buddhist centre was started in Krakow in 1976. Since then Buddhism in Poland has been growing dynamically. Today one can find a centre or a group of practitioners in nearly every Polish city. 



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