The Karma Kagyu lineage

The Karma Kagyu lineage is one of the four main school of Tibetan Buddhism. Every single transmission, method, meditation or teaching in this lineage comes directly from Buddha. After his death the highest teachings were passed by realized masters, such as Tilopa, Naropa and Maitripa. 

They were then translated and brought to Tibet by Marpa and flourished there thanks to the activity of Milarepa and Gampopa. From the twelfth century the Karmapas are responsible for their transmission.

Today the head of the Karma Kagyu school is H.H. 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje. His predecessor's students such as Shamar Rimpoche, Sherab Gyaltsen Rimpoche, Jigme Rimpoche or Lama Ole Nydahl teach in various Diamond Way Karma Kagyu centers around the world.

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