Meditations and teachings

med Buddha's teachings are like a diamond. Although it is clear and  indestructible, it reflects the colour of the background on which it was placed. The way in which the teachings were presented  also changed substantially after they were brought from India to Tibet. In the same way today the teachings find a new form to inspire educated and independent people of the Western civilization. In today’s world it is certainly a path of laypeople.

Buddha's Teachings

The three levels of teachings given by Buddha Shakyamuni to all his various types of students  2500 years ago which answered all their various needs are still the authentic source of all Buddhist schools today. 




Buddhist meditation is a very precise method of  working with one’s mind. It makes the mind calm and independent from constantly changing conditions. The goal of meditation is to free the mind from any weaknesses and limitations, and to develop  all its perfect qualities to their full potential, especially fearless wisdom, spontaneous joy and active compassion.



Buddhist Lectures and Meditation Courses

We organize lectures about Buddhism in our centers and at universities as well as other public venues.. We organize Buddhist teachers’ lectures with common guided meditation – so called meditation courses - in our centers only.




During meditation retreats we spend much time on meditation. It is good to go for a retreat to one of our retreat centers. Meditation courses where we meditate in groups are organized both by  centers in cities as well as by retreat centers.



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