Liberation and Enlightenment

Total freedom from all the emotional states through which we perceive the world is called liberation. It is a state in which we realize that no real "I" actually exists. This insight has an increasing impact on our approach to life in general, we notice that everything that happens to us or to others is not personal, so we no longer feel like a target at which the whole world is aiming. 

As a result our perception of the world becomes filled with joy, freedom and space. 

Enlightenment is a direct and stable experience that the mind of all beings at the deepest level is space and joy inseparable. It is a state of absolute insight into the nature of all phenomena which is beyond any limits, and in which we experience most intensive and stable joy. An enlightened mind is fearless, joyful and actively compassionate. Fearless because it is indestructible like space. Joyful because it contains an unlimited richness of various possibilities. It is fully loving since while experiencing unity with everything and everyone it does not separate its own happiness from the happiness of others.

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